Best Bali adventures to commune with nature

Best Bali adventures to commune with nature

Best Bali adventures to commune with nature

Bali, an island in Indonesia, is endowed with a fascinating landscape, and plant and animal diversity. As a Hindu country, Bali people consider cows, monkeys and snakes sacred.

As a result, the island has become a safe haven for these kinds of animals. Moreover, Bali is characterized by its rich cultural heritage. Tourism plays a vital role in Bali's economy.

Bali's volcanic mountains, and its rich animal and plant diversity attract thousands of tourists every year. This document will give you an insight of the best Bali adventures to commune with nature.

Adventures to commune with Nature in Bali

  •  Go mountain climbing with the monkeys: Climb up the volcanic mountains of Mount Batur. Enjoy seeing the panoramic landscape from the mountain top, and the monkeys which roam in the mountains. Mountain climbing in Nature is fantastic because you can enjoy the cool breeze, watch lemurs, and see the sights. You can also climb up to Mount Agung, which has a high of 3031m, and Mount Gunung Agung, East, which has a high of 2940m. 
  • Visit botanical gardens: Go to Bedugul and visit Bali's botanical gardens. The gardens encompass endemic plant species, and rich animal diversity, especially monkeys, turtles, and snakes, which are sacred animals. You should not also forget to visit the rainforests near Lake Beratan. 
  • Enjoy the waterfall: You will feel so relaxed and refreshed after a little walk at the waterfall. The view of the waterfall is so amazing, especially with its scenic landscape. 
  • Take hot springs bath: Relax and unwind in Bali's hot springwater at Munduk. It is recommended to go there early in the morning, if you want to fully enjoy the hot spring bath. There is nothing more energizing and healthier than taking a hot bath. 
  • Take a village tour: Another important activity is the walk around the villages. You can continue your visit to Ubud. The village tour is excellent for those who like to exercise. You can discover the local lifestyle and villages: When you take a village tour, do not forget to see the rice plantation fields. You will find the lush green landscape of rice fields so enjoyable. It is also a good idea to go up to the bamboo fields 
  • Go snorkeling with turtles: Female turtles come on the seashore once a year to breed their young babies. It is during that season that you can swim among the turtles. It is an opportunity for you to take a close look at the turtles and their behavior. 
  • Go to a safari: You will ride on a bus and see endangered, wild animals, particularly the orang-utans, the Bali mynah and the Komodo dragons. This is a great occasion to discover unusual animals.

Experience an adventure among Nature in Bali

Bali is endowed with rich plant and animal diversity. For the best adventures in Bali, try to commune with nature. Many recreational activities can be done in order to fully enjoy Nature in Bali.

The activities help you to discover many cultures and enjoy communing with the wild. For a fascinating adventure, go to Bali. Find your flight to Bali online.

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