Renting a villa in Bali : is it a good choice ?

Renting a villa in Bali : is it a good choice ?

Renting a villa in Bali : is it a good choice ?

Bali is an island in Indonesia. It is the dream of many tourists because of its beauty, animal and plant diversity, and rich cultural heritage. The island is endowed with awe-inspiring monuments, which attract tourists from many parts of the world.

Hotels are often packed with tourists, especially during peak seasons. Even so, other forms of accommodation are available, which are the villas. In fact, there are more than 1,000 villas in Bali. Is it a good choice to rent a villa in Bali?

Renting a villa: Is it a good choice?

  • Villa rent is more affordable: If you stay at the most comfortable villa during your vacation, you will pay far less than what you would normally pay at a hotel. Villa rent ranges from 82 dollars to 150 dollars a night; whereas if you stay at a hotel, you may spend about 390 dollars to 434 dollars a night. This will allow you to eat more delicious food, and participate in more fascinating activities during your stay. 
  • You have more privacy: A villa is set aside from another. Therefore, you can feel at home with your partner if you choose to stay at a villa. You can enjoy more time together, just like at home in another country. Besides, a villa may be endowed with a balcony, where your partner and you can spend some time together at night. 
  • It is more spacious: A villa can accommodate more people. Besides, it is cheaper to rent a villa or two for you and your family than renting a suite. It is easier to organize your vacation activities with your family members if you stay together. 
  • It fosters group dynamics: It is more convenient to organize and conduct group activities if your groups stay in villas. It is because the villas have some facilities for outdoor gathering, like in the balcony or in the yard in front of your villas. On top of that, villas in Bali have beautiful gardens which make them more fascinating. 
  • You can socialize with more people: In general, people who choose to rent a villa are mostly holidaymakers. In fact, there are fewer business people in villas. As a result, it is easy to socialize with the other vacationers. You can easily have a small talk, share interests with the other people who rent a villa at your location. 
  • A villa has comfortable rooms: Just like a hotel, some villas are equipped with almost everything to make you feel comfortable. This may include air-conditioning, hot shower or hot bath, or spa with a spacious bathroom and dining room. In addition, most villas have free Wi-Fi and options for breakfast at your room.

How to find a villa in Bali?

It is a good choice to rent a villa as an accommodation in Bali. If you do not know where to begin, you can get help from an online travel agency. You can use Opodo, for example.

Opodo is an online travel agency that operates in hundreds of countries worldwide, including Bali, Indonesia. Opodo can help you to organize your trip and stay in Bali from your plane tickets to your villa. Happy traveling!

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